In an effort to assist others in materials research, we are herewith listing vendors and suppliers that have proven particularly helpful or unsatisfactory. The reasons for gratitude or dissatisfaction, set forth below, represent our subjective undocumented recollection or opinions and are not guaranteed to be an index of the company's overall performance or similar to the experiences of other customers of these vendors.

LPS Specialists TA Instruments Federal Express
Cannon Microprobe All-World Scientific Hewlett-Packard
Capital Sheet Metal DHL Airways Puget Sound Energy
Chestnut Hill Construction UPS Radio Shack
E.S.F. U.S. Post Office Sony
LSP Specialists   TA Instruments
Mega Machine Shop    
Olympus Camera    
Olympia Computer Central    
Pacific Motion & Control    
Shape Software    
Tacoma Screw    
Wilshire Chemical    

We will provide additional details upon written request.



The following vendors provided us with the most satisfactory experience in the designated years, those who have "gone the extra mile" for us:

2008: Olympia Computer Central, Olympia, WA
2003: Cannon Microprobe, Seattle, WA
2002: E.S.F. (Germany)
2001: Lab Performance Specialists, Redmond, WA
2000: Tacoma Screw, Lacey, WA
1999: Mega Machine Shop, Tumwater WA
1998: Wilshire Chemical Company, Gardena, CA
1996: Pacific Measurement and Control, Redmond, WA
1995: Chestnut Hill Construction, Olympia, WA
1994: Capital Sheet Metal, Lacey, WA
1993: Shape Software, Kingsport, TN
1992: C and H Supplies, Pasadena, CA