B.S., Chemistry University of Notre Dame, 1952

     Ph.D., Chemistry, Physics, Geology California Institute of Technology, 1956

Employment History: 

1956-1965: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Calif. Inst. of Tech., Pasadena, CA:      

	Senior scientist in Materials Research Group. Conducted research on growth      

	and mechanical/optical properties of whiskers and alkali halide crystals and      

	on drawing crystalline-core glass fibers; during 1958-60 directed scientific      

	planning of surface exploration of moon and planets and generated initial      

	experiment package for Surveyor spacecraft.


1966-1970: McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Huntington Beach, CA: Research scientist.      

	Conducted basic research on growth of crystals in centrifugal fields and applications      

	of geometric structure theory; developed lunar-sample x-ray diffraction apparatus;      

	also corporate advisor on x-ray diffraction techniques and growth of crystals.

1970-1976: Materials Science Dept., University of Southern California, Los      

	Angeles, CA: Visiting associate professor, later senior research associate.     

	Directed students in research on growth and transmission measurements of ultrapure      

	alkali halide crystals for DARPA Infrared Laser Window Program, effect of      

	centrifugal fields and gravity on crystal growth, mechanisms of epitaxy, and      

	optical measurements of effect of convection on growth of crystals from solution.      

1975-1981: Materials Div., MSA Inc., San Diego, CA: Director. Consultant on      

	crystal growth to NASA (Spacelab MPS Payload Requirements Specifications Study)      

	and to Quartz et Silice on optical crystals; principal investigator of AAFE      

	project to develop spaceflight optical monitoring apparatus for NASA. 

1976-1989: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Calif. Inst. of Tech., Pasadena, CA:     

	Member of technical staff. Principal Investigator of NASA MPS crystal growth      

	experiment; task leader of DOE project seeking new concepts for fossil energy      

	materials research; co-principal investigator of silicon nitride fiber project,      

	task leader on ceramics R&D projects for armor, oxygen electrolytes, bipolar      

	battery substrates, and high-Tc superconductors; research on silicon micromachining      

	and crystal growth techniques; task leader in microgravity protein crystal      

	growth project. 

1981-pres: Crystal Research, San Pedro, CA, later Olympia, WA: President.      

	R&D investigations on single crystal optical fibers and development of      

	fiber drawing apparatus for microgravity, epitaxial substrate search software,      

	scintillator crystals, protein crystal growth in pseudomicrogravity, and ceramic      

	powder synthesis; P.I. of DOD, NASA and NIH SBIR projects.


	Over 60 publications in various technical journals; seven patents


	28 NASA awards and citations for innovations in materials science, 1977-89


	Research summarized in popular articles (1987-91) in Science News and Scientific      

	American (protein crystals), Ceramic Bulletin (superconductors), and Science      

	(crystal growth in kilogravity); also cited in annual JPL Highlights for crystal      

	growth innovations in 1980, 1985, and 1987.


	Member of editorial board of Progress in Crystal Growth and Characterization      

	of Materials, 1985-pres


	Referee of papers in Journal of Crystal Growth, American Mineralogist, IEEE      

	Trans. Information Theory, etc.


	Member of Western Division Executive Committee of American Association for     

	Crystal Growth, 1976-82.