CRYSTAL RESEARCH is a company dedicated to new approaches to materials science, including new techniques for growing crystals and exhaustive searches for new materials with optimal properties for various applications.

Its founder, Paul J. Shlichta, has served as a research scientist in several commercial, and university research organizations and as an advisor to agencies such as NASA, the U.S. Army, the National Institutes of Health, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and NATO. His resumé is attached. He has authored over 60 technical publications in fields such as crystal growth, epitaxy, lunar exploration, materials processing in microgravity and centrifugal fields, saline deposit geology, optical fibers, theoretical crystallography, optical mapping techniques, and matrix mathematics.

Crystal Research generally operates through subcontractors and collaborating companies rather than employees. Current members of this network—Associated Companies and Research Organizations for Novel and Improved Materials (ACRONIM)—include Shape Software, Cannon Microprobe, and several university and commercial collaborators.